04th May, 2017

Hello friends !

I am sure most of you must be wondering what “#MIRINDAtravels” stands for. So here is the story !

– My husband and I recently got married at this beautiful location at Udaipur, India (P.S. – If you haven’t visited Udaipur, please pack your bags and do so now!)… Moving on… We were searching for a dramatic # name for our wedding and one of our friend comes up with #MIRINDA (which is a combination of mine and my husbands name).. I fell in love with it immediately !

So friends, this blog is about all the beautiful places my husband and I have started travelling around the world. It gives an insight of not only romantic places but also a lot of adventurous and fun places to travel to… Its going to be a combination of both luxury and bag packing travel trips..

Let the #MIRINDAtravels begin !

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